TorsionBlend Products TorsionSoft Tech Welcome to TorsionSoft Technologies.  We produce edge blending software that calibrates and edge-blends multiple projectors into seamless digital displays. TorsionBlend is a software designed for building large display using projector array. it provide built in warping (geometric correction)  and soft edge blending functions. it also provide rich functions for display varies kinds of contents. Geometric correction TorsionBlend provide built-in geometric correction functions. It can easily support planar or non-planar display. You can easily put your display content on any surface, like plane, cylinder, sphere... Edge blending TorsionBlend provide fast yet easy to do color calibration functions. It support both horrizontal and vertical blendings,  so you can easily build large display with layout like 2x1, 1x2, 2x2, ... M x N .  it also support irregular layout.  Bellow is an example of 2x1 layout:   Content rendering TorsionBlend is designed to be easily extended by plugins. Plugins process input signals and delivery the content to edge-blending engine, then the whole content will be projected out. TorsionBlend provide rich plugins for supporting different input format. It support image, video, local desktop, remote desktop(VNC), capture card... It also support 3d video playback, huge size of video playback solutions. For more details,  please contact us  Customization service Yes, we provide customization service, Contact us if you need it.